Client Comments

Great course

Great course and I learnt a great deal. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get the most out of their camera and travel photos. Very fun and interactive!


Marianne Deutscher

Enjoyable course

Hi Andy, I really enjoyed the weekend travel photography course. It was really helpful to learn about techniques, functionality and practical side of photography. I feel I am closer to taking better pictures. I sure will be thinking of you as I travel the world and take pictures incorporating all that I learnt this weekend!


Diana Augustine

Genuine enthusiasm

Individual attention given to each “student” was excellent & Andy’s genuine enthusiasm for travel & photography inspiring.

Sharon Margin

Wonderful travel photography course

Thanks so much again for the wonderful travel photography course. We certainly learnt much more than we ever expected!!

Annabelle Woods

Thanks to your brilliant instruction

Andy, finally got a chance to go through all 1000 photos from my Thailand trip. Thanks to your brilliant instruction I was overall pleased with the results. Found the one photograph that epitomised what I was hoping for, whilst utilising the knowledge gained, and just had to share it with ” my mentor”. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy. 

Steve Foster

Great team

Andy and Di made a great team in the planning and organisation of the 2day workshop. Andy prepared a variety of experiences for the small group that showed us how to use our cameras in different light, shots and styles of photography. Andy has a wealth of knowledge which he willingly shared and he showed us how to  compose the best shot possible. As a beginner with a new camera I thank Andy for his patience, sound advice, excellent notes and website. 

Robyn Moore

Very enjoyable and informative workshop

Andy, many thanks for a very enjoyable and informative workshop. Despite having taken photographs for 35 years I now realise how much better they could have been. I look forward to putting my newly acquired skills into practice.

Robert Odewahn

Highly recommend

This course was loads of fun and made loads of things I’ve never understood make total sense. Andy is very welcoming and the whole experience was incredible. I would highly recommend this course.

Gemma Carroll

Better than anticipated

The course was much better than anticipated. My expectation was that we would be walking around taking photos of various sites and being told what camera settings to use. The education provided on how to use the camera is far more valuable. Thanks very much Andy, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Richard Tapner

Great course

Thanks for a great course Andy. I have learnt lots about how powerful my camera is and I now look forward to taking amazing photos!

Jason Fong